Flood Protection With Smart Walls

Telescopic Structural Walls for Flood Protection



  • Floods are one of the costliest and deadliest natural hazards in the U.S and in the world.
  • Despite their long-lasting consequences, floods are considered short duration events that can be measured in a matter of days. Therefore, we believe the solution must provide protection only when needed and must allow daily activities to continue when the protection is not needed.
  • Smart Walls is an innovative solution created to provide protection for critical infrastructure (hospitals, utilities, airports, etc.), municipalities located on lakes, rivers or streams with recurring floods, and businesses and individual homeowners subject to flooding. The Smart Walls fit within the existing landscape and do not obstruct the existing views or significantly impede the use of the surrounding area.

Telescopic Technology + Advanced Material

  • Permanently installed deployable walls with telescopic technology to reduce excavation needs.
  • Boxes inside boxes nested in the retracted position. The boxes extend and interlock to create a non-permanent structural wall.
  • Advanced material that allows the boxes to be thin to ease the lifting/retracting operation without compromising its structural strength.
  • The extension/retraction can be done manually, mechanically or automatically.

Exploratory tests so far conducted:

3. Smart Walls Enclosure_Surrounded.png

Slow Rising Waters

3. Waves Impacting.png

Storm-Surge Waves

3. Wave Impacting.png

Tsunami Waves

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